Planet X vs Specialized/Trek/Giant/etc

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Hi all I've been looking into treating myself to my first carbon road bike with the best spec vs price I can get, I've really got into road cycling since joining a club and get out 4 times a week. I've been researching and Planet X takes some beating compared to the other larger bike manufacturers. Apart from lack of dealers is there really any other catch? (I've been looking at the Planet X pro carbon ultegra)


  • I don't think there any catches really mate. If you can get to Rotherham, the showroom is well worth a look. I'm currently thinking long and hard about an RT-58 (their new sportive bike) with Force or Ultegra. Having looked around other brands there isn't something that hits a similar spec and price point that floats my boat so to speak. I'm not a massive fan of those AL30 wheels (although they may be great) but I'm thinking of sticking some nice wheels on my current Trek 1.1 and carrying these over to the new bike if and when I get one!
    Lovely bikes, and from my experience, friendly and helpful staff.
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    I moved from a Trek 1.2 to a PX sl pro ultegra a couple of years ago once I knew I was getting into cycling more. The 1.2 was actually a really good bike for the money at the time, probably better than the current model, but I really noticed the difference when I got the PX. The wheels are actually ok, probably better than a lot of stock wheels that come with bikes at that price but would probably be the first thing to change but there's really no hurry they will be fine. I found the PX guys really helpful, I live in the south so all the comms was via email/phone but they were great. If you want a big name then get something else but at the price the current sl pro ultegra is a really good buy.
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    I find them fine - pretty good customer service. The frames are good.
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    The planet-x pro carbon gives you good headlines... like "oooh ultegra and carbon for £1200"

    but are you more concerned about Ultegra or having a better frameset?
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    To be honest I like the idea of a carbon frame that from what I've read seems to get positive reviews, coupled with a Ultegra group set for the Planet X price £1300. I was just trying to find out if there are any weaker components on the bike ie wheels that I could potentially swap before I buy?