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20" wheel with QR

danlightbulbdanlightbulb Posts: 701

I'm on the lookout for a bike for my son, a 20" wheel.

None of them seem to have QR wheels. 20" is getting a bit too big too fit in the boot of my car with wheels on.

I'm aware that Islabikes and Frogbikes have the QR, can anyone recommend any other brands please. I'm probably looking at the 2nd hand market. Ebay is very poor for Islabikes anywhere near me (midlands) and Frogbikes are non-existant 2nd hand. I'm keen on the Hotrock 20 but no QR. Is it possible to retrofit?

Should also say that I really didn't want suspension forks. Unfortunately the hotrock has them, otherwise would be a much better and lighter bike. Is its possible to buy front solid forks to fit the hotrock?



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