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Is it worth it?

clive1964clive1964 Posts: 6
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Hi all,

I have seen this bike advertised as new, but is it worth the £1200 price tag considering it's age?? ... e-ec016949

Rides a dream, but do old model bikes command such money?? Opinions welcome :!:


  • Gary DGary D Posts: 431
    I have one of these, and it is a nice bike. Probably about £1,400 when current - maybe up to £1,500.
    Is it Evans that are selling it? Or are you just using their image?

    As it is 4 year old stock and that model is not even made any more, they should be very keen to get rid of it. I think it is reasonable to expect a big discount on it. Just look at the discounts available at the end of the season on last years bikes - never mind 4 seasons ago! It's probably been written right down on their books anyway.
    I think you are in a very strong bargaining position. Go in with a wad of cash and offer them £900, or even £1,000, whatever you feel comfortable paying - they can only say no! (I don't think they will though)

    Good luck,
    Oh and I feel like I've been raped by an Orangutan :shock: And I've got legs like Girders :lol:
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