How good are ... Vittoria Rubino tyres

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I need a couple of new road tyres and have in the past been using Vittoria Rubino tyres (700 x 23) as I like their red/black option.

I am just wondering if these are still decent (at £10.99) or is there a better tyre available. Must be red/black though. I see thee is a Vittoria Zafirro, at £7.99, but the reviews seem not too good.

What would folk here recommend please ?

thank you !!

ps. How good are these tubes .. LifeLine Essential Narrow Road Inner Tubes - 2 Pack, 2 for £4.05


  • Skinner2k3
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    I have Zaffiros on my winter, commuter, whatever bike and they have given me no reason not to buy them again. Even ended up doing 3 miles on loose stones/gravel and they were fine.
  • dmclite-3.0
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    Rubino's are very good tyres, just scrub them in on a few dry rides before you ride them in damp/wet conditions. Zaffiro are good, but the price of the rubinos makes it a no brainer.
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  • craker
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    I have to say for budget tyres they've done me pretty well for mileage (no idea how much exactly). I dare say they're not as long lived as the conti's on my proper commuter but they were 3 times the price. My mate blew one off his rim by over pressuring it a couple of weeks back (it say 140 psi so that's how much he thought he'd put in). If you're planning on doing long rides then maybe something more expensive would be better.

    Edit - My opinion refers to the cheaper Zaffiros
  • lawrences
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    I have some normal rubino's and rubino pro's.

    They are both pretty excellent tire choices and there isn't a hugely discernible difference between them. So for 11 quid you're getting a pretty decent tyre.

    I can't comment on longevity because the normal rubino's haven't done nearly as many miles.
  • Pross
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    Decent enough tyres but I'm not sure I would use colour choice as the primary deciding factor in my choice of tyre.
  • Monty Dog
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    Not the best handling tyres in the wet IME, but good value
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  • epo rocks!
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    Ive used them, they were ok, not the best tyre but certainly not the worst ive used either. Compared to the cheap rubber thrown on most bikes from new i would say they are an improvement for most people.

    Pretty long lasting too so for the money you cant go wrong.
  • bigmat
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    Good value tyre - I have used a pair on my commuter, probably done maybe 5,000 miles but now need replacing. I can tell they need replacing because they are worn through to the canvas! Have gone for Rubino Pros as they were only another £15 for the pair and are a lot lighter.

    My one criticism is that they are pretty shocking for grip in the wet - had numerous minor offs when braking sharply in wet conditions, even managed to lose it going in a straight line! OK once you are familiar with their limitations, but I wouldn't race on them.
  • nferrar
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    I had to stick a standard version one on the year a couple of years back in an emergency, it's grip was a joke and that was in the dry. I hear the pro version is decent but I wouldn't touch the standard version with a bargepole. Ofc if you don't corner fast and don't push the limits of grip then it's probably a non issue and they're just a fairly heavy, bit draggy but perfectly adequate training tyre - if you get a buzz from descending fast and pushing things when cornering I'd avoid.