Any fathers going for an early morning ride tomorrow ?

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Just wondered if any of you guys have managed to get the nerve to go out in the morning without the wife moaning about being home when the kids wake up for fathers day ?
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  • owenlars
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    Father's Day???? :(
  • goonz
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    Thought this was the one day all fathers can do exactly what they want?

    That's what all the golfing fathers have been telling me at work. They will all be on the course tomorrow morning!
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  • raymondo60
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    Out for a couple of hours at 8am, the taking me mum for lunch. Kids all grown up now = freedom, finally!

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  • Druidor
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    goonz wrote:
    Thought this was the one day all fathers can do exactly what they want?

    That's what all the golfing fathers have been telling me at work. They will all be on the course tomorrow morning!

    Yeah that's what they say, but real life is a different story..

    want to go get some new road shoes in the morning before the kids sports taxi service gets under way.. but she who makes the rules will probably have a different agenda that I am not privy too.

    London to Brighton on as well so great planning there
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  • skinnypunter
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    It's Sunday! Of course I'm going for a ride. What could be worse than being prevented from riding on "my" day?
  • Azhar
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    I'll be out nice and early to get a few hours on the bike. When I come back missus and the kids are always sleep till late and I doubt Father's Day is going to make a difference.
  • jus71n
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    I'll be out riding..... my commute to work :(
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  • pease
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    Decided against it ths morning. Neighbours got home at midnight and kept making noise until gone four, kids then up at half five. Despite it being 'my' day we'll be off to a car boot later (swmbo loves them, ill enjoy egg burger from the van) then our eldest will be riding her shetland later . Might have an evening spin tonight. Training starts properly again tomorrow me thinks.
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  • Marcryan206
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    Been up since half six with my girls and the misses at work all day. So no ride for me just get to watch peppa pig ride hers!! Father's Day what's that?!
  • feemackenzie
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    Did it yesterday so not under pressure today. Maybe again this evening, a quick hour or so.

    EDIT: 22 miles this evening. Time for school prep!
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  • Hawmaw
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    Not for me. I never get out at the weekend anyway due to family and work commitments.

    Up at 4am this morning seeing wife and daughters off to Athens for a gymnastics festival , then back up at 5am for work. Then after work I need to pick my boy up from his grans.

    Got the rest of the week off though :D Women are away and son will be at school so here's hoping for some decent weather
  • Hoopdriver
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    Yup, nice ride this morning. I'm goin to need it - I got two kilos of M&Ms for Father's Day! My old favourite and the foundation of any good training diet.
  • johnny25
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    Had a good ride yesterday, so will chill for the most. May go for a blast this evening, once home from weekend family duties.
  • cyclingsheep
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    I'd probably be allowed to but had a knee op on Friday so off the bike for 3 weeks. I wonder if I can get a rain-check?
  • Got out for a few hours as I woke up at half 5, it's quite nice up here today.
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  • macleod113
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    jus71n wrote:
    I'll be out riding..... my commute to work :(

    me too. 7.5 miles to work and managed to make it 20 by going the lovely scenic route. was a bit chilly this morning though. not worn my arm and leg warmers for a while (at 05:20 anyway).
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  • brimmers
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    Did a 100km sportive in Leeds
  • ctc
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    Just got back from the short route of Circuit of the Cotswolds. I am feeling a bit knackered...

    Wife has taken the younger two to see Epic, and I don't have to pick up the eldest until later, so will have a few quiet hours now.

    Best fathers day in years
  • Druidor
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    Was ejected from my bed at 1am by the 2 year old so slept in her bed. Up at 8am (a lie in)

    Wife wanted to go buy some cooking scales so that meant a trip to tesco for cooking provisions me paying
    McDonald's for 4 kids me paying again

    Went to the bike shop got myself some new road shoes. .... they were the cheap ones honest!!!!

    Daughter swimming lesson 2.30 to 3.00

    Son karate lesson 4.30 to 6.00 was at karate exam last night 6.45 to 8.00pm passed now full purple belt

    So what's in store later... will I have some to myself or has it already been alloted without my knowledge.
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  • chigman
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    Yes I was out at 9am for a very nice half century and hooked up with he kids later. Plenty of time what with the long days n'all. :D
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  • southdownswolf
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    Did the London to Brighton with a few friends, a nice 3hr ride before getting home for lunch.
  • Calpol
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    Managed out for a while. Did 65 miles. Got in and went to upload to Strava. Garmin file got corrupted! Sigh! having said that got some nice socks from Prendas from my daughters. Lovely!
  • bernithebiker
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    Calpol wrote:
    Managed out for a while. Did 65 miles. Got in and went to upload to Strava. Garmin file got corrupted!
    This happened to me about 2 months ago and I missed out on my final Strava badge for the month - boohoo!
    I now hold my breath in trepidation every time I upload my Garmin ride, but so far it hasn't happened again yet.
  • hatch87
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    50 miles and nearly 4k ft climbed, then had to walk around town as my new shorts were to loose. Can't remember ever needing a 30" but could of done without the walk lol
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  • smidsy
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    The upside of divorce and not living with the children means I got 83 miles in today.
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  • stongle
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    After a 5 am start with my daughter for Peppa Pig and present, I did get on a 58 miler with the club, decided to then do an extra 4miles round the block to hit a mini-milestone- First 100km (1500m climb), which at 3:34 was a nice. Shame the rest of the day was filled with DIY & gardening though.
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  • Went out but rather wish i hadn't. Had done a nice ride round Deryshire, got to top of slack hill which any one local will know and a motorbike had ran into the back of a cyclist at full speed. Cyclist was in a bad way, but did come round and was airlifted to hospital. Thankfully i think he will be ok just going to take some time for all his injuries to heal.
  • socistep
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    brimmers wrote:
    Did a 100km sportive in Leeds

    I did the same one also - Round the beat sportive, out before girlfriend 2 1/2 year old were up then they cooked lunch when I got back about 12, worked out pretty well!
  • rich164h
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    60 mile sportive in the south cotswolds. Surprisingly flat!

    Did fathers day things on saturday instead.
  • luv2ride
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    rich164h wrote:
    60 mile sportive in the south cotswolds. Surprisingly flat!

    Did fathers day things on saturday instead.

    Think I passed a load of these riders as I was going the other way, out from Chippenham towards Tetbury/Westonbirt. I got absolutely drenched in a really heavy shower, thinking "I've got a great Goretex paclite shell at home"! Have to say I was Impressed by the Mavic Altium emergency shower jacket I had with me, surprisingly breathable and waterproof.

    Got chamois cream as my FD present, and a lovely roast dinner waiting for me when I got home as well!
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