what (else) to put in bike box, e.g. track pump?

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With many airlines restricting weight of bike boxes, etc. to 23kg I am trying to keep down the weight of other items to go in the box. Can anyone recommend a decent track pump that is reasonably light weight?
And what else should I prioritise to go in the box (apart from the bike, obviously!)?


  • forward_loop
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    all tools for rebuild and few maybes (eg chain tool)
    water bottles - plus SIS powder, gels or whatever if taking
    spare tyres x2
    inner tubes/canisters
    bike shoes
    cables brake/gear
    electrical tape
    saddle bag

    track pump never fits comfortably - goes in a suitcase . - How heavy is your bike ??!!
  • magoo289
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    All of the above except cables. If taking hand luggage only I will put my toiletries in with my bike also.
  • sungod
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    i think leyne's travel pump is the lightest...

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listin ... dition=new

    ...but i put it in my backpack (checked baggage) not the bikebox

    in the box (from my packing list)...
    small screwdriver
    pedal spanner
    torque wrench + bits 4mm, 5mm, ball head 3mm, 4mm
    spare tyres, glue, brushes, bit of solvent, sealant
    water bottles
    carbon paste
    very small plastic bottle of oil
    spare chain
    sundry spare bits, cables, mech hanger etc.
    jerseys, shorts, etc., well bagged they make good padding
    on the road stuff, spare tub, sealant, minitool, valve tool, minipump, kmc links, tyre lever
    anything else that'll fit without making it too heavy
    a piece of a4 paper with all my contact details (also one taped to the outside)

    with the bike it's about 21-22kg total, could take less, but time is too valuable to waste playing hunt the bike shop

    how you pack it in depends on box design, make sure anything heavy enough to cause damage if it comes loose is well secured and/or well padded, i've got a bikeboxalan one, flat heavy things like pedal spanner, chains, etc. fit very nicely under the bottom foam layer

    btw if you put co2 in a bikebox, some airports will detect it (x-ray) then make you remove it and throw it away, while people like me wait in the ever lengthening queue and sneer
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • Thanks for this: I have a Bikebox Alan too, and had a dry run recently when I took it on Eurostar. But of course there was no weight restriction, hence the need to refine what I put in the box.