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HI, I am new to road riding and was looking for some advice. I have a budget of £1000, I am not directly asking what bike I should buy, but some recommendations would be appreciated. what I am asking is would I be better off getting a bike like a giant defy 1 for £1000 or a giant defy 2 for £800 and then getting a better wheelset for £200.
Cheers for any help.


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    You've asked that question that will end up with you being shot down in flames on brace yourself!!

    For that money you've got a huge choice of really decent bikes so I'd look further than just Giant (I say that as a Giant defy owner!). You may well come back to the brand but have a good look around and most importantly try some bikes out on proper road test and not a quick sit in the shop.

    Also be prepared to spend almost as much again on me it will happen.

    You should check up the big brands...Specialized, Trek, Giant and even the Triban at Decathlon, but you'll also find great value on line - Ribble, Planet X, wiggle and Chain Reaction etc, but with the downside that you can't try before you buy. Enjoy the choosing phase and don't rush into buying something that you'll regret.
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    To be honest If I were in your position I would probably buy the likes of the Triban 3 @ £300 from Decathlon. As a beginner it will be more than suitable and if after a year or two you feel you want to upgrade then you can. You also need to consider a helmet, bib shorts, shirts, jackets, computers, shoes, pedals etc etc.

    If after a year you want to upgrade you will still recoup a fair amount of the investment in the Triban 3.
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    thanks for replies.
    the giant was just an example of the £1000 bike or £800 bike with £200 for a better wheelset which is what I would like to know, not giant per se but across the range as I will be trying out several of the brands you mentioned, probably not the on-line ones as I cant try them out or size correctly.
    I already have a lot of the kit,jackets etc as I mtb