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I'm considering making the switch from touring shoes and SPDs to road shoes and pedals (probably speedplays) but would like to try some out to see the difference before making such a large purchase. Most shops will let me try shoes on and walk about in them (without cleats on) but this seems pretty pointless - it doesn't let me see what they'll be like to ride in or walk in with cleats.

Does anyone know of a shop in the London area where I could try the different options, even on a turbo or similar? Or is there some other way of trying them out that I am missing?
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    Most won't let you try them, they would have to attach cleats which might mark them, then one bodgey clip in and out and you can mark the soles, then they aren't 'new' anymore when the next person comes in.

    Best way is to ask a mate for a go in his if he has a similar shoe size... but I wouldn't worry, just make sure the shoes fit in the shop, take your time, and the pedals you can't go far wrong with, a lot of people prefer one kind of pedal or another though, but it takes a bit of chopping and changing and experience to fathom this out.

    If walking in them is a concern, speedplays are the worst, and most delicate, as the cleat has the retaining mechanisms in it, so if that bothers you go for something like a Look Keo or Shimano SPD-SL.
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    Have used speedplays for 3 years and wouldnt consider anything else. Walking in the really is not a problem for short distances. I usually carry a set of covers for the cleats when I am riding so I can protect them if I am off the bike for a long time. They are the only road pedal which you can clip into on either side. The cleat also allows you to vary the movement of your foot before you unlip unlike a lot of the other pedals.
    Hope this helps
  • +1 for trying Speedplays they are fab = buy a set and sell em if you don't like them on ebay they hold their value really well. I've seen basic Chromoly Zeros go for £60-65 - if you consider if you shop around you can usually get them new including cleats for around or just under £100 that's not too big a hit.
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    Another speedplay fan here - The zero is probably the most adjustable cleat there is.

    I'd go for Zeros ahead of any of the other speedplays because of that adjustability, just keep them clean and lubricated and don't over tighten the screws.

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