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I've long admired the style of Castelli gear and aspired to buy some of their kit. I recently had cause to reward myself and bought a new Prima jersey and Velocissimo Due bib shorts and was delighted with the purchase when they came.

I went out for a quick 50 this morning before breakfast and about 3/4 of the way round, noticed that the Castelli logo on my right thigh had started to peel, which got worse as I went on. No question, they are going back, as this really shouldn't happen first time out - even before they have been washed, but I was wondering if anyone else had experienced similar quality issues?

In retrospect, I also have a pair of Castelli mitts, which so far have mostly been great, but the stitching on one of the fingers has come undone after only about 250 miles.

These items cost (to me) a not inconsiderable amount of money and if it had happened on a pair of DHBs, or Alturas, I wouldn't have minded, but Castelli are supposed to be at the quality end of the market and I expected better.
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  • gabriel959
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    IME Castelli are average quality compared to the likes of Assos, Rapha and even Gore Bike Wear.

    The materials are high tech, etc, but their durability is a bit suspect.
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    I have no issue with the quality of their bib shorts - I buy the free aero race.
  • pkripper
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    I've had no issue with a lot of miles in velocissimo due bibs, or the aero frees.
  • apreading
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    First pair of free aeros I had went back - first ride, the stitching around the pad was starting to split the material.
    Second pair went back because the gripper on one leg had the castelli name upside down and half of it lost under the stitching!
    Another pair, which went back because the wrong size anyway, had threads hanging that would have undone in short time.

    Some of their stitching is not good, but if you check this when you get it and your pair are OK, they do seem to be furable enough then.
  • supermurph09
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    Had the same issue with the logo's coming off the bib's after one ride, so much so that I just ripped what was left of them off. Quite annoyed tbh but more annoying is that they are not as comfy as my enduras. Yes they look smart, but imo that is it.
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    No issues with bibshorts, tights or jerseys other than logo wearing on bibs under folding as others have said.
  • Lifeboy123
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    No issues with the shorts, certainly had my wear out of them
    The jerseys are Ok , just avoid the woven style fabric which clicks too easy

    I try to go for clothing with a print rather than adhesive applied logo
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    I'm a huge fan of Gore kit but have dipped my toe with Castelli and bought a Gabba (made from fabric that Gore designed) to see if it's worth the hype.

    For the price I hope it lasts for a loooong time!
  • Monty Dog
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    I have about 20 pieces of Castelli kit - never had any quality/wear problems in the last 4-5 years, particularly the fabrics as they're more durable/wash resistant than Assos or Rapha IME.
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    I bought some fingerless gloves and they lasted 2 rides, one 60, one 100 and they are finished.
    The stitching on the sides of the fingers has come undone and freyed. Its a shame as they looked lovely when I opened the pack.
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  • bondurant
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    I have three pairs of free aero bibs. No issues in a couple of years other than the logos gradually wearing off, but I can't say this bothers me. Easily the best bibs I've owned, hence multiple purchases.
  • apreading
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    I dont think there is anything wrong with the garments, I have 3 pairs of free aeros and they are the best shorts I have ever had. But the quality control is obviously poor - they dont seem to check that production has been done properly at the factory or distribution points - and leave it to the customer to check the quality and return the duff items that should have been weeded out in the supply chain.

    I will check (very carefully) any Castelli items, in particular the sitching as soon as I get them but it wont put me off buying as provided they have been put together properly, they are superb.
  • brucey72
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    I have had the body paint shorts for summer and the sorpasso bib tights for the last two seasons and have had no issues at all. The bib tights, used for my daily 10 mile commute through the winter have taken a real hammering but after every wash come up as good as new with the only thing being a slight cracking of the castelli logo on the legs which is to be expected.

    I did, however, buy some lovely looking castelli rosso corsa mitts and they were poor for £30 odd quid. One of the 'finger pulls' snapped on first use so I took them back and exactly the same thing happenened again so just got a refund.