Narrowed the selection down to three, but which one....

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Okay, based on the local LBS being crap earlier, I'm now travelling to Edinburgh Bicycle to look at Road Bikes at the weekend.

I've narrowed the choice to three potentially new bikes as follows;

I'm looking to spend no more than £600 but the Revolution is £490 with the same spec as the other two!

Any advice/suggestions?


  • Grill
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    I'd still go with either the Spec or 'dale.
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  • Bill-87
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    I did think that myself, the Revolution looks like it'll be cracking in the flesh. Not sure what difference there is really though, am I not just paying for a name with the other two?
  • rokt
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    Just on looks alone, I'd go for the Specialized, for what it's worth :D
  • Just on looks alone, I'd go for the Cannondale, for what it's worth :D
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  • rokt
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    Yes, the Cannondale is nice.
  • Toe knee
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    Dale, all day long :D
  • declan1
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    Yup, the Cannondale looks pretty good!

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  • Bill-87
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    I have to admit that the white was putting me off a little as well, however it sticks out more to me as a beautiful looking bike. It doesn't mean it will be in the flesh.

    Its always been a Spesh that I wanted, then I saw the 'dale...... Decisions, decisions....
  • neilhannam
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    If all else is equal, the fit and feel is the same on all three and you've got the cash to spend then i'd say go with the one you like the look of best. As stupid as it sounds you'll want to get out on it more and show it off.

    The other alternative is buy the Revolution for the cheaper price and use the rest of your cash towards upgrading the tyres, pedals to clipless, shoes and clothing.

    Personally I think the Caad looks badass and would be where my money would be spent.
  • dwanes
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    I like the cannondale out of the 3. Looks a bit more classy and wouldnt look out of place with some costing over a grand.
  • Calpol
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  • giant_man
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    Test ride on each until you find the right one for you imo
  • ju5t1n
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    Another vote for the Cannondale here
  • Bill-87
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    Thanks for the replies, today is the day!
  • smidsy
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    And I do not even need to state which one I would recommend :-)
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  • supermurph09
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    Had a 2012 Allez, great first bike. Only draw back was the shifters, can't change on the drops. May have changed for 2013?
  • Bill-87
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    Allez it is! Best looking one there!
  • denniskwok
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    My first road bike was a 2010 Allez Sport and it served me well. I prefer the Cannondale out of the three though. :D

    Hope you enjoy your new bike,
  • Bill-87
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    Thanks, I'm sure I will! I had a look at the three, the Revolution photo's well!

    The 'dale was nice but the Allez just stood our for me.