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Bike issues?

m1tch666m1tch666 Posts: 148
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Ok, new baby boy meant 6 months of no biking and bike sitting in the shed. Started back out with my mates and thought my fitness had dropped a bit, they left me on climbs etc.

It's now reached the stage where the group starts out at usual talking pace and within 400m are already pulling away from me, now as fit as some are, the others aren't supermen.

I converted my hack bike to 1x10 using just my middle ring thinking I could use it to get the fitness back pushing 32front with 11-36 rear. First time out on usual route and I didn't have to go near the 1x10 granny which has left me looking at my full suss and wondering what the problem with it is. It's running x9 2x10, 39,26 front with 11-36 rear.

Hill 1 on the full suss, I eventually have to hit the granny, tonight on the single I flew up in 5th.

Hill 2 I'm granny from the start,tonight I finally dropped to 3rd from 6th on the single.

I was at Laggan at the weekend and literally couldn't roll over stuff on the way up as I couldn't maintain any momentum, my legs were dead.....

What could cause this, the full suss has easier ratios but its killing me, could I have bb issues that's causing drag and literally bursting me to push it round????

Full suss is a meta 55 with lockout on front and pro pedal so it's surely not just the fact it's the full suss. Tonight on the 1x10 I could have kept up with the group no problem......
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  • Mmmmm ! Confusing but I think I know what you mean. It could be sus SAG ? What tyres do you have on it ? If you you have fatter tyres that could make a difference or tyre pressure ? When was the last time you had all the bearing regreased and serviced ? I know it sound stupid but brake rub can seriously slow you down. It could just be that your not feeling upto it that day, everybody has bad days.

    I can't think of much else, hope this helps.

  • MaroMaro Posts: 226
    Is the FS much heavier? In total, and heavier wheels/tyres?
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  • m1tch666m1tch666 Posts: 148
    Not really, couple of pounds, but I'm over 16st. My mates riding a meta 55 as well with no issues. I'm thinking a bit of tlc, new BB, bearing set and check the pivot as I've heard they were updated and I'm not sure which I have.......
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  • WoodmonkeyWoodmonkey Posts: 412
    m1tch666 wrote:
    Not really, couple of pounds, but I'm over 16st.......
    That might be your problem, I'm 15 1/2 stone , I ride with a guy who's around 11 stone, 4 stone is around 25 kg, that's like riding with a bag of cement on your back, are your mates lighter than you. I can hammer past him down hill though when gravity is on my side!
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  • m1tch666m1tch666 Posts: 148
    We're a group of ex rugby players, weights range from 14 -17 so I'm in the middle. I'm just trying to work out how I can easily push a 32 front with say, a 26 rear but struggle on the same hill with 26 front and 36 rear on the full suss?
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,802
    Check both bikes for drag and compare, front wheel, rear wheel and crank, plus repeat directly after pulling the brake lever.
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  • m1tch666m1tch666 Posts: 148
    Dried semi seized bottom bracket, new one now fitted and I'm spinning up hills with no probs in bigger gears instead of struggling in granny........serves me right for not servicing the bike right after such a long lay off!!!!
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