Immobitag & other security measures

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With the new bike finally here, been looking into the security and was wondering what other people are using to keep their pride and joy secure from the nefarious scumbags that frequent our pleasant land.

Will be getting the Immobitag to go in the bike as something that can ID the bike is always a good option.

any suggestions of locks Sold Secure "Gold Standard" minimum as will be getting insurance as well which generally requires that rating for the price of the bike.
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  • diy
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    Dont leave it out of view. No amount of locks or security is going to stop people popping stuff off with a multi tool.
  • barrie h
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    Data Tag plus every component is marked with smartwater.
    It wont stop it being taken but if found will prove its yours and will lead to a prosecution

  • cougie
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    Are you masking your home address in strava ? Anyone can see your gps tracks at the moment.
    And if that's your real name you are making it pretty easy to get tracked down.

    I prefer keeping the bikes location hidden tater than rely on a lock.