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U-lock carrying solution : what should I buy?

jonathanleducjonathanleduc Posts: 2
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I recently purchased the "Kryptonite New York Lock MC". It doesn't come with anything to attach it to my bike.


I saw many products that seem to be able to provide an easy way to attack my U-lock to my bike while driving it but I'm not sure of the product I should buy. I come here to seek advice based from your past and current experiences.

Here are a few items I saw that might do the trick :

EZ Mount Bracket :
Amazon reviews are awfully bad :

Transit FlexFrame-U Bracket :
Amazon reviews are average :

Transit H-Bar Carrier :
Amazon reviews are just as bad as for the first bracket :

I don't know what to do.. I'm not a big fan of carrying my lock inside a backpack or around my belt. I hope some of you came up with a brilliant idea that both looks good and is functionnal! :)

Thank you


  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    I only lock my bike in one location - so the lock stays there.

    Other than that - id rather have it in a bag than attached to the bike.
  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 6,978
    The Kryptonite bracket is OK but I had a few issues when I was using it:
    • I couldn't fit the lock inside the triangle of the frame and still use a water bottle (ended up having the lock going around the top tube and the down tube with the bracket sticking out to one side)
    • The lock rattles as you are riding along. It's a feature of the lock rather than the bracket. You can solve this by putting some rubber washers (or offcuts of old innertube) around the prongs of the U bit.
    • Initially it's very stiff and you have to push the lock pretty hard to get the clip to engage. Then it's even more difficult to get the lock out again. It did improve with time, presumably as it wore down a bit.

    I recently sold 3 of the EZ mount brackets on eBay I'd collected over the years from various locks so someone thinks they're worth having.

    Now I either carry it in my rucksack if I'm going far, leave it where I lock my bike up if I go there often (e.g. work) or I lock it around the top/down tube and let it bounce around.
  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    TwoFish makes some good mounts and has some pics of different mounting options here. Personally I prefer to just carry in a rucksack as I have never found anything that holds U-locks in place without rattling or getting in the way of the bottle cages.
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