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Hi All

My daughters moving to Moseley Birmingham. Anyone local know what the ridings like around there? Good places to head out to ?

Many thanks


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    You don't really want to be cycling round Mosley but within 5m are gorgeous countryside which is perfect.
    Mosley is a built up area, plenty of traffic etc but up the road past kings Heath and your into great cycling territory.
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    Worcester, Stratford, Leamington Spa all doable from there. Is it for you or her?
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    From there I would go to bacons end,park up and head of towards colshill area.very nice countryside.I was born and raised in marston green area so know it well.Moseley is a place I wouldn,t go out alone at night,especially near the stratford road.
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    South Birmingham has some absolutely fantastic riding on its doorstep, with a variety of terrain to choose from; miles of fast flat lanes, rolling terrain out into the Cotswolds, and lots of hills up through Clent and out to the Wyre Forest. is a friendly and very active local club.

    There's nothing any more or less dangerous about Moseley than anywhere else - its a bustling suburb with plenty of bars, restaurants and shops. Not a bad place to be at all 8)
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    Take a look at the route for the Mad March Hare, which heads south from Wythall, which is about 5 miles south of Moseley. We have friends in Solihull and I did the ride this year.

    Very pleasant sportive it was too, with lovely rolling countryside roads, which were relatively quiet, and plenty of other riders around that area from what I saw.
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    Some great Balti houses nearby :D
  • allen
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    Thanks all any advice as good areas to look at for accomodation ?
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    Why is she moving down ?
    Student, work ?
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    I used to live in Moseley for about 3 years when I worked in Birmingham, great little village, really nice place and couldn't recommend it more to someone moving to Brum.

    In terms of accomodation, if you're talking rental, flats etc, there's a good market for it in Moseley, you can get a studio flat for about £350, 1-bed flat for £400-550, 2-beds from £550 and so on. Looking at areas of Moseley, I wouldn't go further west than Russell Rd/Cannon Hill Park, further south than the rail line crossing the A435 and you're getting into Kings Heath which is nice enough area - worth looking at, bit cheaper. I wouldn't go further east than Yardley Wood Rd as you're getting into Sparkhill territory there (a bit stabby), however wake green (below sparkhill) is also nice enough. And in the north, It starts to get rougher north of Edgebaston Rd - where Cromer Rd meets the A435 in Balsall Heath. Hope that helps!

    For riding, as others have said, you need to get out south towards and beyond the Birmingham box. You'll hit nice country lanes and minor roads south after Maypole (3miles from Moseley) and a bit (little bit) of climbing around Lickey.
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    Thanks all and thanks Delisinho for the housing advice. You never know when i visit we may bump into one another in cafe. All the best