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Hi, what pressure do you put into your road bike tyres? I have just got a pair of Conti GP 4 seasons on my new bike. The recommended pressure on the website is 95psi. With a max of 120psi, what do forum members do, the recommended or higher. Cheers.
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    How much do you weigh? What sort of surface are you riding on?
  • 89.6 Front
    94.7 Rear
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    Thanks for the replies, my weight fluctuates between, 169lbs and 172lbs, and i ride on roads. Cheers.
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    There's no right or wrong answer between 85-115ish. I run Conti 4000s at 100 front and 110 back, but experiment and see what works for you.
  • I have conti gp4000s and I am 65-67 kg...I usually run the max pressure or maybe even above if the weather is okay..
  • I have conti gp4000s tyres, weigh 80kg and run 90psi front and 100 psi rear. Note this is just what is says on the gauge on my track pump and I have no idea how accurate this is - seems to work well enough though. I've found it best to run a low a pressure as you can get away with - this seems to smooth out the road a bit resulting in a fraction more speed.
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    Thanks again for the replies, i will check out the link mindermast. Cheers.
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    Why are people using different pressures between front and back?
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  • More weight on the rear therefore run a higher pressure.
    After reading a few articles I now tend to run lower pressures than I used (I always thought 'the higher the better'), currently about 75 front 85 rear. I find this significantly improves ride comfort and grip, particularly cornering over bad/bumpy roads, with no noticable increase in rolling resistance. I only weigh 60kg by the way.
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    I have conti gp4000s and I am 65-67 kg...I usually run the max pressure or maybe even above if the weather is okay..

    I strongly advise you to lower the pressure to below 100 psi if you're 65/67kg. Riding at max pressure at your weight (my weight too) means very little road contact. The tyres are essentially skipping along the tarmac. Try running them at a max of 110 psi or better still 100 psi.

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    I agree with xdoc - I'm 80kg, riding GP4000s 25mm tyres, according to bike theory the wider tyres running at slightly lower pressure, 90 on the front and 95 on the rear, optimises roll resistance (lack of...) and contact area for my mass, with about 45/55 front/rear split on weight distribution. I used to run my old Ultra 23's at 110 front and back. The 4000s and the slightly lower pressures fgive a more comfortable ride and they feel more surefooted in corners and rough tarmac to me, maybe cos they're not skipping so much over the rough surfaces.