elaxith rims. do they need matching pads?

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I have just got a pair of ksyrium slr wheels on ebay and they say that using any other pads could be dangerous. Has anyone tried standard pads



  • No

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  • Zoomer37
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    If your talking about exalith rims, then I would use the specific pads from Mavic. You probably could use another brand, but the Mavic pads brake well in all weathers.

    You'll also need to use them if there is any Mavic warranty on the wheels. Its void if you have any problem with wear on the rim and your not using the specific pads
  • sungod
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    the exalith pads are standard swisstop compounds, the first gen was ghp2 with extra slots, not sure about the second gen

    this compound is harder than some 'normal' ones, so you might get faster pad wear with soft pads, or more noise

    if the pads on your bike are used, make sure there're no embedded bits that could score the exalith surface
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  • dave35
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    I have some unused going spare-campag or shimano fit?
    You can use other pads but as said before,it can damage the surface-and another way for Mavic to void any warranty.