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Can anyone advise on the fore and aft seat position. Where on the knee do you measure from and how accurate is this. I'm looking for a relaxed riding position, I have done a measurement from the base of my knee cap through the centre of the pedal axle which showed I needed my seat further back (a good inch). So did this and now I can see the hub of my front wheel (seat has quiet a bit of lay back), a shorter stem would probably fix. (currently 100mm stem fitted)
Seat height is set by the 109% method


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    There's a good guide here:
    ...but remember, it's a guide, not a rule. ie. there will be some variance from this dependant on how it feels to you. Likewise, the being able to see your hub fore/aft of the bars is also a guide, and will of course depend on what position you're in on the bars. Hope this helps.
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    Is there any other subject, other than LA and maybe weight training, that's as big a can of worms as this one? :wink:
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    Have a read through this - lots of very good common sense, and warnings about the problems caused by such things as Knee Over Pedal Spindle. [url]info[/url]

    You say you use the 109% method for seat height. Use of such formulae can be very misleading. Have a read of this

    I have had numerous bike fits and seen first hand how some of the 'formulaic' approaches can be a disaster. The advice that Steve Hogg gives is very, very useful in this regard :D
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