Odd looking Saddle

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I passed a cyclist the other night who was riding a very odd saddle.

It was very wide at the rear - and as far as I could tell - there was no front piece to it. It looked similar to a bench seat that you might see at bus stops.

Anyone heard or seen these before ? I'm wondering what the benefit is ?


  • passout
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    No ball ache.

    I have the selle smp which has a dipped nose for this reason.
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  • jordan_217
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    An Adamo? Or something different, like this?


    There's a few links on here:


    I tried an Adamo saddle once, the idea is that you are resting on your sit bones exclusively and there's no weight (and friction) on the perineum, circumventing hot spots, pressure, sores etc. I really didn't like the Adamo, any pressure it relieved on my special place was just focussed on my ass cheeks instead!
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  • cougie
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    Definitely not an Adamo - it did look a bit like the kefren - but more benchy ?

    Thanks for the links - I'll browse later.