Frame Dilemma

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Im stuck on what to do!
I currently have a ribble sportive bianco with sram rival, Im a sportive rider so regularly do 100miles plus which i find this bike perfect for. But i am going back to college in September and hopefully uni the year after. I plan on cycling to and from both, and i would also like to give racing a go next year, crits mainly.

My dilemma is do i sell my current carbon frame for a alu or steel frame which would be more practical for commuting and less likely to get damaged in a crash whilst racing, I would also like mudguards eyes preferably and a racing geo, is there such a thing?

My other option is i have a battered trek 1.1 alpha with 2300, I could spend some money on it and use this for commuting and keep my carbon bike for best, but then i am still unsure of using this bike for crits etc?

MY sram rival groupset has seen around 2000ish miles, but have new running gear on with in the last 500, so if i was to demote this to a commute/racing bike then come 18months or so i would then look to buy a new full bike with sram force/red etc

any help appreciated!


  • Only race what you can afford to replace

    With regard mileage and groupsets, 2000 miles is hardly anything to a well maintained set up.
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
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    I'd stick with what you have now and get a cheapie to commute to college. You don't want to leave a decent bike chained up all day. It won't last long.

    I'd worry about crits when you get there - if you havent the cash to replace the bike - I'd not race. Do TTs instead ?
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    Yea I've been thinking give the trek 1.1 a service and use that for a commuter. If I can afford it will buy up some 2nd hand sram apex parts to fit, as I really don't like the shimano stuff especially the 2300!!

    Only thing I am unsure about is the crit racing, would an alu frame be better suited to cat4/3 racing than my carbon ribble sportive? Obviously I'd be looking at a race orientated frame, but what about crash damage etc? Supposed I could always use the trek if I was that worried?

    TT's are something I'm interested in, but here and there, would rather focus on a racing program