Opinions on Fuji D6-3.0

BMKN Posts: 222
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I was in my local bike shop yesterday and they are sourcing me a fuji D6-3.0 Tri bike I know nothing about Fuji what do you guys think of it? I was going down the route of planet x but decided to support the lbs and it means I have somewhere to bring it.


  • dru
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    A mate has one and does Ironman distance rides on it - its pretty stiff and he likes it, but some people think they are a bit heavy and uncomfortably stiff.
  • mallorcajeff
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    My local shop here in mallorca stocks them and they look fantastic for the money, very popular here in spain. Never ridden one but the guy that owns the shop out of all the brands he stocks he rides one.
  • BMKN
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    Cool I have it ordered in so hopefully it fits well, they look amazing I like the fact that they have inner cable, might buy a pair of aero wheels to finish it off at a later date