Fizik Aliante or Aliante VS?

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Right these two have been delivered from Wiggle (thank God for free returns) and I need to fit one to replace my Arione, I have finally given in to function over form instead of the opposite.

I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on these two saddles and some advice as to which to go with for longish rides (60 - 70 miles)?

Thanks in advance.


  • Sammyw23
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    I've had both and currently have two vs saddles on my bikes. I love the standard aliante but always found that the nose rose up too much when you set it level and I couldn't get comfortable when rotating forward.

    The scoop on the vs removes this issue so I went with that. The padding is a bit softer on the vs but its because its built up and is thicker to form the scoop.

    If you want proof of performance, I rode from London to Paris last weekend in 3 days, 90 miles a day and the undercarriage survived!

    Unfortunately the only way to decide between the two may be to try both!
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    You are going to have to try both cos they are shaped differently. My saddle of choice, after trying a LOT of saddles over the years, is the carbon Aliante. It suits me.

    I did try the vs, but the channel didn't suit me. But EVERYONE'S ar*e is different, you are going to have to try both to know.
  • smidsy
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    Conversly neither may be any good for you at all. Saddles are a very personal thing.
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  • The Mechanic
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    I have an Aliante VS. I bought it last year and used it on LEJOG in May 2012. It was always very comfortable from the off but after 8 or 10 days of LEJOG, my sit bones were very painful. I have not had any soreness or chafing, just the painful sit bones. I came to the conclusion that this saddle was perfect for day rides but not that good for a long day on day tour.
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  • Crankbrother
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    If you have/had an Arione did you consider the Antares which is the model between the Arione and Alante?

    You'll notice a big reduction in the amount of different saddle positions from the Arione to the Aliante ... It also depends on which bike you have and how you're set up ... I changed bikes last year and the new bike is set up with a more aggressive front end ... I've had to change from my Aliante to Antares as the shaped Aliante didn't really suit the change in position (only 10mm lower at the head tube) ...

    If your set up is fairly relaxed then the Aliante is easily the comfiest of the Fiz:k A-range ...

    ps. The Pave is also a cheaper Arione/Aliante hybrid ... I have one on my badboy and it's almost as good as the Aliante (wasn't worth sticking a £90 saddle on a knockabout bike now worth about £200) ...

    Good luck ...