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Press Fit 30 cups seem stuck in frame

JaymoidJaymoid Posts: 24
edited June 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
I've got a Sram Press Fit 30 in my frame, and it appears to be stuck in there!

I have tried knocking it out with a mallet and the Park Tools BBT 30.3 tool ( but alas it seems stuck.

It certainly doesn't come out as easy as this guys:

Has anybody got any advice? The BB has been in the bike since new. I got it July last year but it could have been in since 2011 - when it was made.

My next step would have been to put the straw on the GT85 and try and spray in between the two cups to loosen this area up, then try again. But thought I would check if this seems sensible with you guys first, I'm a mtb n00b.

Thanks in advance.
~ Jay

[EDIT] I am trying to knock the drive side cup out first (like the guy in the video) also here's a picture, you can see the BB and bearings are all a bit rusty and wet :( I have a new Wheels Manufacturing PF30 ready to go in, and some waterproof grease which will hopefully last a little longer. sram-pf30-stuck.jpg[EDIT]


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    hit it harder.
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  • JaymoidJaymoid Posts: 24
    Thanks Nick, got it out in the end, ended up allowing a lot of GT85 to bed into the BB and did indeed 'hit it harder', although I was reluctant to hit something I love.
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