Disk ready Cyclocross carbon forks

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Can anyone recommend any carbon disk read cross forks, don't appear to be too many available?


  • 2oldnslow
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    Off the top of my head (and available in the UK) Enve if you want to spend £££ or more cost effectively Kinesis have a number of offerings and I think if you check on the Fatbirds website they might also have the Lynsky which I think falls in between the two cost wise.
  • ugo.santalucia
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    Depends... if you have instegrated headset and tapered steerer, then there is a good choice... Enve above all, otherwise nothing exciting... the 1 and 1/8 inch ones are frankly not any better and not much lighter than normal steel forks
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  • FransJacques
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    Enve, Easton, Dedacciai, and try Planet X to see what they have.
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  • maddog 2
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    Trigon do a light-ish full carbon fork in 1 1/8.

    The latest full carbon forks are all 1.5" tapered.
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  • jordan_217
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    +1 Kinesis and Fatbirds. (the shop, not the munters)
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  • holiver
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    Kinesis do a range of forks.

    Also Cotic do a carbon fork, although I don't know whether it would be up to the rigors of CX. Maybe give them a call/email?