New member, spokes keep breaking?!

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Hey guys, just like to say new member, I'm 18 who took up road biking around a year ago, love it!

My question is, I have a Giant TCR 2 with what I believe are Giants SR-2 Wheels. I have done about 1000 miles on them but out of my past 5 rides 1 or 2 spokes have snapped on 3 of them. I have taken them to be repaired and each time they have failed again so now I'm wondering what I should do - New wheels or keep getting repairrd/what could be the problem?

Kinda need advice/suggestions on what I should get but thank you for your time! :mrgreen:


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    was the bike new? shouldn't happen after 1000 miles, likely the wheel was poorly built in the first place, on a new bike that should be covered by warranty

    if only the snapped spoke is being replaced each time, the ones near it will have been subjected to extra load due to the snapped one not being there, then they go soon after, but if the wheel wasn't right in the first place the other spokes may all be fatigued anyway, imho whoever repaired it should have advised you about this

    rim/hub should still be in good condition, ask for a quote to get it properly rebuilt with new spokes, also check how much simply replacing the wheel would be, tbh i'd go to a different shop to whichever has done the work so far!
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    Thanks for the advice! the bike was brand new a 2011 model.

    Have had it repaired at 2 different places so makes me think is something wrong with the wheel, shall take it to see what they suggest this time as Im not paying everytime it needs replacing

    Thanks for your help!
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    There are a number of topics open about the same problem, here and in the workshop section... have a look at them for advice
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