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Rockshox PM600 Military Liquid-O-Ring Grease

hard-riderhard-rider Posts: 460
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I've bought a Revelation RCT3 Dual Air 140mm fork which I want to reduce to 120mm travel. I want to reapply a little grease to the O-rings that when reassembling the fork. Also, I note that they now use grease instead of oil in the upper leg on the spring side.

Is there an alternative to the PM600 Military Liquid-O-Ring Grease that RS suggest? It's £24 a tube which is pretty steep. What grease are others using?


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  • hard-riderhard-rider Posts: 460
    OK thanks. I'll see where I can find some.
  • hard-riderhard-rider Posts: 460
    OK so where do you find the stuff? Only found two places in the UK, Ison Dist (non in stock) and Billys but shipping costs more than the grease for the small 2oz tube (and the larger tub is too expensive at £30). Didn't find any German suppliers for it.

    Is Stendec Easy Glide Fork Grease a good alternative?
  • bennett_346bennett_346 Posts: 5,092
    The stendec is fine, did my revs with it last year. I've got nothing to compare it to though but i've got no complaints and it's great for bearings too.
  • hard-riderhard-rider Posts: 460
    Great thanks. I'll try some of the Sendec then.
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