Internal brake cable rub, carbon frame

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Hi, I've just bought a Ribble R872 carbon frame and have started to build it up.

However testing my rear brake cable, which is internally routed, I could hear a rubbing sound.

I'm running Campag Centaur black & red, and thought I'd add a bit of bing using red Jagwire ferrules.

I'm guessing this isn't normal and there is probably something wrong with how I have set it up. But I can't help but notice the angle the cables enter the frame may also play a part and the rub could simply be from the ferrules.

I also found it a bit odd that all the other internal cables on the frame came with little plastic cable guides /tubes. But the brake cable didn't.

Has anybody else experienced this either with the ribble or other internally routed frames? If so any ideas how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.


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    the brake cable is for the rear which runs in the top tube correct?

    my carbon frame didn;t come with guides but it wasn't too difficult to install without the guides. so the guides are there just make your life easier, and when finishes, the plastic guides shouldn't be there. you are supposed to take them out.

    to answer your question regarding rubbing, there shouldn't be rubbing. the way it works is by eyelets that the frame has to allow for internal routing. basically where the cable enters the frame, there should be some kind of entry hole that is formed to make the cable enter the frame at an angle as well as holding the cable ferrule in place. so basically the cable inside the tube will not touch the walls of the tube.


    i think you may not have installed the ferrules at the eyelets.
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