Sram upgrades for superisx apex

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Hello everyone! im about to do a few upgrades on my supersix which is the 2012 apex looking at Force crankset and RD, a smaller cassete 11-25, instead of the stock 11-32 and rival breaks...I think im gonna leave the apex FD and shifters...i've read others oppinion saying that a full Rival setup is better than Force since it's only marginal heavier, but Force looks better for on a tight budget so i have to choose carefully my components...Force brakes are meant to be better but they are pretty expensive as well...i've also read that between apex, rival and force shifting is identical and only weight changes..
so to conlude im thinking about:
Force crankset/RD
Apex FD
Rival brakes
apex shifters
anyone with sram upgrades experience??? thanx


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    Why not just fit a new cassette (closer ratio) and chain? Unless you have worn out all of the above already? :shock:
  • asprilla
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    I've got Apex on two bikes and Force on two others. The biggest difference between the two is the shifters and I've upgraded both sets of Apex shifters to Force.

    I can't actually see the point of moving to Rival since it's such a small incremental change. IMHO Force is better than Rival across the board.

    Oh, the other upgrade you can to on all Sram groupsets is to get a Hope BB.
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    why not just change the shifters and the cassette if that is really your gripes as it will improve shifting and looks and you won't complain about the gear ratio. but i suggest u keep the 11-32 in case u need it for some big climbs ;)

    Deraileurs do what shifters tell them do, so not really much point in upgrading.

    the chainset will give you the biggest saving in weight...might be worth it if you are looking to reduce the overall weight but in RL there won't be much differences in performance. going up the hill will be that little bit easier

    brakes - no point, marginally better; the best option is to splash out on better pads
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  • ck101
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    Wasting you're time with all this. Change wheels first.

    If you are committed to off loading cash then change your cassette to a ratio you're happy with going for at least Ultegra level. Change your Chainset to carbon (SLK, Red, FSA) when you see a secondhand one coming up at the right price. You will always find racers getting rid of compacts and vice versa.

    Apex really is excellent kit, I wouldn't bother till kit wears out.
  • ddraver
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    Ck is 100% correct, but if you re really bothered, Rival is the best Value for money SRAM option in a lot of more knoweldgable peoples opinions than mine...
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    I don't know if theres much difference between Rival and Apex chainsets but I upgraded the outer chainring on my Rival setup to the chunkier outer off a Red setup, and it definately made a small but noticeable difference. Unless your massively bothered about the ~100g saving of switching to a carbon crank arm I would save the cash.
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    no point changing the brakes - just bosh some better pads in.