Helmet crash replacement deals?

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Hi guys,

I'm after a new helmet and just wondered if there are any manufacturers out there that offer a replacement or deal if you smash one up in a crash?



  • pkripper
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    spesh always used to replace at cost price.
  • Semantik
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    My experience with Specialized is that they offer ANY of their helmets as a replacement at half of the current rrp.so long as you send the crashed one to them first.
  • londoncommuter
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    I've trashed a couple of Giro helmets and both times it was far cheaper to hunt round for a discounted replacement rather than paying RRP less whatever percentage they give you off. Get the helmet that fits you best and concentrate on not smashing it!
  • sungod
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    for giro the replacement program costs more than simply buying a new helmet from whoever is doing the best deal at the time

    for specialized it may be different as they make dealers stick to list price, discounts are rare, usually only on superceded models
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