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Guys, can I get a bit of feedback on the Scott Addict frameset please.

I've noticed a shop selling the 2009 frame/fork/headset for £499. It RRPd for £2000 and presumably sold originally for about £1200-1600.

This seems like a great buy for what was lauded as one of the best frames available at the time. Should i pull the trigger?
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  • golfergmc
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    Great frame, stiff, light and great power transfer. Only thing is can be a bit harsh. Is it Slane selling it.
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  • Crimmey
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    Just check rear drop outs for alignment as some were way out.
  • dw300
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    Only Mediums left for 5' 7" - 5' 10" guys ..

    Nah not Slane. Some place in NE England. These must have been sitting in the corner of a warehouse for ages.

    Cheers, will check dropouts.

    I presume the 5 year warranty starts for the date of purchase?
    All the above is just advice .. you can do whatever the f*ck you wana do!
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  • Frame Weight: 790 grams

    Pull da trigger
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • It is a fantastic frame. Mine, an M as well but the BB86/90 version, weighs 760g. I'm looking around the office as I type for some sort of edged weapon with which to slice up my jugular as I bought the frameset off Westbrook for 1200 squid in June 2011.
  • markwb79
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    Awesome frameset I have to say (Although slightly newer).

    Bought mine from Westbrook and was great.
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  • mulletmaster
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    I have absolutely zero need for one of these having a great basso race bike (although well used) and a boardman carbon team getting built up as a trainer/ winter bike...think I might have to buy one though!
    I'm from NI too maybe they will do a group buy lol
  • dw300
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    Thanks for the advice fellas. Ordered it.

    I think I'm gona build it up with mostly SRAM Force and stuff I have on my existing bike. Should come in at about 7000g with pedals, bottles, cages and Garmin, probably 6400-6500g excluding those parts (as I suspect a lot of weight quotes are!)

    Also, cheer up Cycloslalomeur, you've had 2 good years out of it for that extra money. :)

    Sorry Mullet, I couldnt wait, ordered it before reading your post!
    All the above is just advice .. you can do whatever the f*ck you wana do!
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  • andyrr
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    I have about as much need for one of these as an extra hole in my head but ... I've loved the CR1/Addict framesets for about as long as they've been around and in the pro-peloton.
    I see that the available Addict SL frame size that is available is Medium and it'is marked as recommended for up to 5'10" (I'm around 5'10" - 11") whilst it actually has a 55cm TT which is near as dammit what I'm riding. Might have to check the HT height my current race bike (that isn't actually being used in anger) is as I don't want to run a pile of spacers - it's fairly short ? 14cms / Medium.
    It's dangerously close to being a frame I'll snap up : I like the stleath-black finish on this one and it's not going to force me to run a press-fit BB (read too many issues with these) nor is it the ISP version - Darn.
  • mallorcajeff
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    Great choice. I have a addict rc from 2010 and it was through westbrooks originally. Amazing frame im pretty powerful and never felt any flex or anything. Very stiff and light. Its not as harsh as i was expecting for a race bike. Only trouble is its so good ive no idea what to change it for when i want to.
  • Royal Dragoon
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    The Addict is an amazing bike, absolutely brilliant frame, I love mine to bits.

    And don't get me started on Westbrooks, it's the best bike shop in England in my opinion. I must have spent about £6000 in there in the last few month alone.

    Check out my website here for my ride on the Addict yesterday with pictures: ... 37379.html