Bontrager Air Rush Regulator

portland_bill Posts: 287
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Was looking at one of these in my LBS this morning but it clearly stated on the packaging that you're only supposed to use Bontrager CO2 cartridges.

I just wanted to know whether this is nonsense and just Bontrager trying to make you buy their cartridges and you can use them with any threaded cartridges or that they actually have to be Bontrager ones?

Just because I have a large box full of threaded cartridges that I was using with my GI Microflate Nano until I realised it had fallen out of my saddle bag at some point.


  • super_davo
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    I've got one - great little device - and it works fine with any threaded cartridge. I normally just use cheap ones from eBay.
  • portland_bill
    portland_bill Posts: 287
    Exactly what I wanted to hear! Thanks!

    Was really hoping to get something that takes both threaded and threadless, but I saw this this morning and thought it was really smart and compact in comparison, so think I've made my mind up.