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Ok, I'm starting an aluminum based weight weenie build(sub 14 lbs that is durable and doesn't look like Dr. frankenstein built it) with a Pro-Lite Bella frame(1165 grams, aluminum with black carbon seatstays(3k weave), white frame with top of top tube being black). Seatpost and Saddle will have 3k weave to match seatstays. Anyway, I'm looking for a sub 300 gram(after being cut down) 1 1/8" fork 45 rake with a 3k weave with minimal graphics. Deda RS carbon fork would be perfect if they had it in 1 1/8", but it is tapered(The fork looks so good it's tempting to build a bike around the fork), Ritchey WCS carbon(325 grams) as of right now is my preference, but the skin is unidirectional(Same with Enve 1.0 but more expensive per gram). Shimano Pro carbon stearer is close to what I need at 380 grams per website. Also listed as 350 grams at some online bike stores. Any other ideas.


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    i've got the enve 2.0, 350g uncut and it's excellent, just came back from a couple of weeks cycling hols, my old fork (columbus minimal) flexed enough to understeer on high speed corners, with the enve there's no flex and it's made a big difference, i could really attack the corners

    enve 1.0 is 295g uncut, from what i've read the weight reduction vs. the 2.0 seems to be mostly from the thinner walled steerer

    the enve decals are under matt clearcoat, so you'd need to either overpaint or very carefully sand off the cc then acetone to strip the decals and recoat

    there's the thm scapula sp, 265g for 300mm steerer, pricey though

    if you ask/search on ww you may get some other options
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    AX Lightness Helios is 275 grams uncut.
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    These guys specialise in high end, low weight stuff. Located in the U.S.