New rubber - Conti GP400 OR Michelin Pro4 service course?

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Want to replace my two existing tyres on my bike... Would be for summer training riding and maybe some sportive stuff too - Didn't know if any of you boys or gals had used either and what your experiences were with both?

Leaning towards the Michelin at the moment but I've heard the conti's are fantastic tyres


  • gabriel959
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    The Conti's are great. Great grip, very light, durability is decent. And they have got decent puncture protection.
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  • cougie
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    Gp4000s are the best tyres I've used in 30+ years.
  • meursault
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    GP4000 all day, every day.
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  • Slacey
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    I'm currently running both, and considering the price difference the Pro4's are superb. No cuts or splits that the Pro3 were prone to and grippy as you like. The GP4000s are great, but are on par with the Michelin.
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  • giant_man
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    Pro4s anyday, always had the pro races, 2, 3 and 4s, all brilliant imo.
  • marin_maniac
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    Conti GP4000s. I don't bother with anything else now. I've got them on summer and winter bikes.
  • Grill
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    I ride both. The Pro4 SC is better.
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  • TOM14S
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    Pro 4's
  • Churchill123
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    Thanks for the input lads - Pro4's have been ordered