Compression tights for calf injury

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I've been preparing all year for the Tour of Wessex and on Wednesday night suffered a grade one tear in my calf muscle during a time trial. Bad timing. :(

I've been to the physio in desperation a couple of times, and have had ultrasound twice. I've also been taped up to aid recovery, although I'm not at the moment as I have been advised to ice it for 20 minutes every hour (I've got time to do that this afternoon as I was planning to drive down to the ToW this pm).

In essence, the physio advice is that the injury is minor but still acute. Under usual circumstances I'd be back on the bike next week, but their advice for this weekend is to err on the safe side and not to do it at all. However, there is a chance that if I take it easy I might make it round 2 days, 230 miles if I give tomorrow a miss and try just Sunday and Monday. I'd really like to give it a go - I've done all three days before and would like to be there again this year.

So my question is with regard to compression tights to aid recovery. I've rung my local sports shops and they don't have anything, but decathlon have these. I was wondering if anybody has any any experience with these. In particular, can (or should) I wear them while riding, or just in recovery.

I know that the best advice is that I should give the whole thing a miss. But I'm looking for advice to help me take a risk and see if I can get some reward back for a winter of training!