Cycling exchange for students?? Help

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Hi guys..
So I have been looking to go to Belgium or France to do some cycling but as I am only 15 I cannot go on my own realistically and it would be too expensive to drag my parents along.. I was wondering if anyone knows of a program or exchange system for people to go and live with a family somewhere in Europe for a few weeks and go out and experience a different place to cycle?? I am a racer by the way so would need pretty decent cyclists to show me about.. I love in Ireland so it's not like I will have any trouble getting over there.. Would like to go over and maybe even try a few races over there to see what it is like.. Can anyone help me here or refer to any families or companies who would be willing to do this?? Thanks


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    There are plenty of tours you can get done, but being 15 will hold you back a lot. It is worth checking with them to see what's up, but it wouldn't be a family with free rent. Other than that I like the idea, but can't imagine many people would.