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Is there an iPhone App that will allow you to plan a route and then transfer it to an iPhone?
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    Do you mean so the phone will tell you which way to go and guide you along your chosen route??

    I'd like one also, they are great to get you from a-b. but not follow a route,,
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    I just recently found one for android, maybe it has an iphone version - the website is ride with gps & then the app is cue sheet.
    http://blog.ridewithgps.com/blog/2013/0 ... esheetApp/

    I stick one earphone in and put the phone in my back pocket so I can hear the directions. Pressing the power button on the phone replays the last direction, which is useful for reassuring yourself that you've not got lost.

    The only drawbacks - the voice can be a bit difficult to understand at times and it doesn't reroute if you miss a direction. Once you know that you get used to listening carefully to the directions and replaying them if it's been quiet for a while.

    It was on sale when I got it so the app only cost a couple of quid - an absolute bargain in my opinion.
  • markdavidhill
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    I think I have found one which I will have a look at today. Will let you know later on.
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  • markdavidhill
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    OK, not perfect, but it will help me to stay on less busy roads. Look here: http://www.gpsies.com. You can plot a route and then view it on an iPhone showing your position.
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    The OP said iPhone. I use ViewRanger but you better make use you have an battery pack or you are going to find yourself without power.
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