How to claim against a drivers insurance?

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I always feel a bit silly being one of those people who joins a forum just to ask a question, but I'm in a bit of a pickle and I really haven't had any luck finding answers on the internet.

3 Weeks back I was knocked off my bike at a roundabout which I was going straight across, and a taxi came out of the exit to my left as I was going past and side-swiped me taking out the back of my bike and flinging me off.

Long story short, it being a busy roundabout and me landing on my back meant a witness wouldn't let me move at all and the ambulance whisked me away from the driver once they came, this combined with the shock and having never been in an accident before meant that I didn't get any of the drivers details.

Since then I've managed to get a hold of the police (they left me a voice mail) and get the registration, name of driver and model of the car, and as I've come to understand, this should be enough to claim against him if my bike were insured (As I could go through my own insurer). However, my bike isn't insured, so what do I do in this situation?

I'm currently trying to get a hold of his "insurance details" by getting in touch with the policeman who was there, but what does that exactly mean? Just the name of the insurer etc?

I've found it all rather confusing and life would've been a lot easier if I'd thought to get them at the time.

I'd appreciate any help, everything I've found on the internet would only be relevant if I'd got his details at the time!



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    The police should have all those details if they attended so go to the local station and ask for them.Also find a claims company and phone them for advice about a claim.
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    Ahh okay, so you'd recommend one of those bicycle claims companies? I just assumed that there could be a way for me to somehow do it on my own, or is it a lot faster through one of those claims companies?

    Also, if you've done it before, which company would you recommend?

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    Ask the police while you are if they have an incident number. As above, especially if claiming for personal injury then best to leave this in the hands of a reputable legal firm. Find one of those and pass them the details that you have.
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    My advice is not to bother trying to do it on your own. You won't get any more money and you could end up fannying around for months. Get a specialist firm involved and sit back while they do all the legwork. You don't have to pay their fees, they claim them from the motorists insurance company
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    I do have an incident number, as well as the registration and name of the driver, but that's as much as I have.

    I was grazed up a bit and after the ambulance came and checked me out it was really that putting weight on my left leg was rather painful, and I couldn't walk fast/get up comfortably for a couple of weeks after (nothing that required hospitalisation).

    It's mainly claiming for the damage to the back of my bike (the rear wheel is wrecked, with the rim snapped etc.) as I think the back wheel took most of the impact.

    @steve6690, thanks, I suppose that definitely sounds easier, there just doesn't seem to be any information on how to claim on your own anyway. I'll look into it tomorrow.

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    You don't need to be insured to claim against him. Instruct a claims solicitor to act for you providing them with the police incident number and the vehicle and driver details along with any witness details you have. You'll be sent for a medical examination should you be claiming for any injuries that can't be substantiated from your hospital and GP records. Your bike could well have hidden structural damage so seek a complete replacement.
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    I claimed against the drivers insurance and in the end it was easy, but I did have her name and insurance details to hand. As others have said, instruct a solicitor, if you look on the British Cycling website there are some contacts there I believe. They will handle all the legwork for you.
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    Head over to Commuting General. There's a really good 'sticky' thread on what to do after an accident.

    Good luck!