custom or stock frame - material and builder?

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Before I get too old to enjoy it I have a yen to replace my carbon frame (which is great) with something unique, my choice of finish etc.
I don't race any more, though sometimes club runs turn into one, but don't settle for less than gold sportive times etc. and it needs to survive regular cobbled and cr*p country road outings.
Was thinking of either steel or titanium, the Condor Super Accaciao catches my eye as the geometry is spot on for me, I should just much rather have a straight fork as aesthetically I prefer them. An ISP might be nice too.
Visually I like the look of Speedvagen / Stoemper frames but want to support a UK firm. Budget £1300 max F+F
Suggestions - preferably based on experience please.
Thanks in advance


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    There seems to be movement away from carbon, like some kind of zeitgeist
    From what I can see in my local peloton Condor have hit on a winner with the Super Accacio, two have bought already and love them and there are two more on order. All grey with white graphics. Think you can have custom colour though. The forks are slightly curved but Im sure they will do straight ones if you desire. Essentially it looks like a carbon frame with shaped tubes, sloping TT, BB30 and tapered headtube with concealed headset. So not traditional steel and made in Italy.
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    is this a bike you will keep for a long time? (decade's)

    if so then custom ti is the only way to go, apart from ride quality if you go for a brushed finish you can fix any blemish with scotchbrite

    but you need to be really sure of a good personal fit and make its future proof, so disk mounts and an M35 BB shell (well bb30 really but it might change), if that will be the standard in 10 years ?
    and there are little questions like headset type and so on.....

    have a talk with a few builders like burls and titan to see what they can actually manufacture and their views on what you want, the smaller the builder the longer the lead time will be generally
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    Easy, get a Rourke ;-)
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  • stumpy paul
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    Rourke is certainly a possibility, but I can't really afford 953, it would have to be 853.
    The intention is very much to keep the bike for a long time....
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    I think for the price, 853 is excellent value. You could always ask for 953 chain stays on an otherwise 853 frame if you want to keep them as bare metal.
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