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Any ideas on warm road shoes. I have a pair of Northwave boots which are great in winter. The weather is improving now so I don't need a full boot but find summer shoes too ventilated so need shoe covers for comfort on early morning or late evening spins. Anyone know of a pair of cycling shoes, that aren't meant for continental summers with all those vented mesh panels to keep you cool in 35C heat.. Ones with the least vented upper sole so it acts like a windstopper to keep my tootsies nice and snug without having to mess around with separate covers.
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  • Tape over the vents....
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    just get some toe covers.

    Or man up.
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    +1 toe covers are all you'll need.
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    Oversocks from Prendas. Toe covers if it's colder. Toe covers under oversocks if it's colder still but doesn't quite warrant full on overshoes.
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