Gear cabling and front deraileur

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Hi, I flipped the stem on my bike upwards to give me a more comfortable riding position following some back pain. It's sorted the issue with my back which is good. The bad part is that it the gear cable that runs to the front deraileur became too taught and slipped. This caused the deraileur to push against the outer crank and chain.

I got it working last night by removing the front deraileur altogether and clipping the wire just to keep my bike on the road. Is replacing the gear cable an easy job? It's an SRAM Rival group set. I'm tempted to buy some cabling and give it a bash.



  • jgsi
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    Yes, it is 'easy' job.
    A 2 out of 5 level of work.
    If the cabling around the front is tight especially when you turn the bars, then new outers and a new cable are best.
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    +1 this is an easy job and if you read up on it or watch a few videos to see how I am sure you will be fine (I was so ... ) but you do need a good set of cable cutters. I got a set of the Park ones - expensive but do a levley job and I am sure I will pass them on to my sons in due course as they feel built to last!
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    Thank you. That's given me the confidence to give it a go. I bought some Park chain pliers and I totally agree about the quality. I wish I'd shelled out the extra money for their basic bike kit rather than the Halfords one I bought in a rush.