New bike dilemma

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Hi, I am keen to get my 12 (nearly 13) year old out on the bike after about a year out. He is keen on a road bike (just like his dad) coming from a mountain bike! So I am wondering what to go for. Didn't want to spend a lot at this point with him growing so quickly, it would only las t a year or two at most.

Anyway dilemma is - looking to spend about £300 to £350.. I notice the BTwin triban 3 is getting rave reviews £299, however I cannot get one in his size (54), and Decathalon don't know when stocks will update. Alternatively there is the Halfords Carrera (about £350) as another option.

Am I best to wait for the BTwin ( who knows how long for) or go for the Carrera (available now).

What is the quality like on the Carrera?

Comment please !!!


  • zx6man
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    Quality between in there doesn't seem to be much in it. I have a carerra TDF and a friend has a Triban 3 (he went for that due to it having a triple).
    Depends on the carerra and when you get it, as my tdf was under 300 in the bank holiday sales last time.