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I'm back.

AdameunosAdameunos Posts: 4
edited May 2013 in The hub
Howdy folks, I couldn't see an "introduce yourself" thread(I'm on my phone so I appologise if there is one and I just can't see it) so thought I would say hi.

I was a member on here a few years ago, between 2007-2009 I think, but can't for the life of me remember my old username. I had to sell my bikes to pay for the more boring things in life. But it's about time I got back out on a bike, I have an old carrera kraken frame on its way to me and I have enough parts to build something half decent.

I'm from county Durham/Gateshead so if anyone else from the area has any good routes to share I will be grateful.

I'm Adam by the way, the eunos part is because I own a mk1 eunos roadster that gets treated to every penny I get spare... Until now.


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