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Entry Level Female Bike

cleric101cleric101 Posts: 188
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I'm planning on buying my wife a road bike as a surprise present so that she can join me on some rides.She currently has a small men's giant rincon with a female saddle and she's happy with that.

After looking around I'd like to get her the Triban 3 but as it's a mens bike I'm not sure it would be any good? I'm asking because obviously there's less tolerance on a road bike than a mountain bike.

If the Triban 3 is not suitable has anybody got any suggestions for a decent entry level bike for her?



  • stanniestannie Posts: 167
    A Triban 3 will be fine - as long as it fits her. :wink:
    Some ladies are fine on men's bikes, some are not. If she has small hands or a very short torso she might be better on a women's bike but the only way to be sure is to try one out.
    I tried ladies and gents bikes - I preferred the ladies bike because it had a shorter stem, smaller bars and a ladies saddle but I could have also got a men's bike and made the same adjustments.
    Take a look in the new women's section and you might find some more advice there

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  • cleric101cleric101 Posts: 188
    Thanks, she does have a family short torso and has small hands so a female specific may be the way to go. Ay suggestions for something similar in spec to the triban?
  • sunburntkneessunburntknees Posts: 272
    How tall is she? If she is taller, she might prefer a mens bike anyway. My GF is 5' 10" and rides a men's Orbea. Her daughter is 5' 1" and rides a Triban 3. The Triban 3 comes in a wide range of sizes, so there is sure to be one that fits her.
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