Bike Theft Insurance For 5 Days in France

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I am just about to go off on a 5 day ride to France and back and wondered if anyone knew of any cheap insurance I have basic travel cover bout no theft insurance. I am going in a groups of 10 with the cheapest bike and most knackered looking panniers, so may not need it! Bike is Giant cross £750.

Any ideas?


  • bernithebiker
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    To gauge the risk, you need to say where in France.

    eg. Brittany = fine, don't worry about it.

    Marseille = buy a shotgun, you'll need it.
  • sunburntknees
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    If you're just going to rural France I wouldn't worry too much. Much more likely to get stolen in the UK I would expect.
  • nferrar
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    Have you checked your home insurance cover? Mine covers bikes abroad for up to 30 days (with a few additional T&Cs)
  • navrig
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    We are heading to France in a few weeks. I have an annual travel insurance policy and checked with them - I am covered for cycling but my bike is not covered.

    We are flying Edin - Geneva and then driving. So apart from the spell between checking in and the baggage reclaim the bikes will be with us - in car, being ridden or in chalet. So theft is not a concern.

    So I investigated the chance of getting insurance for damage whilst in transit - I struggled. I even got a quote through the BCF discounted insurance service. 12 months was going to cost about £130. I don't think it covered damage in transit and even if it did would I pay £130 to insure a frame valued at about £450? No chance.

    I wouldn't bother unless you expect the bike to spend long periods away from you and even then the insurance will expect you to secure it with a decent chain and lock (will you carry one when riding).