Genesis Upgrade - Bottom Bracket

inrepose Posts: 4
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I have the Genesis Day01 Alfine 2011 which has done OK for the last 4000miles.

I am now thinking about replacing the bottom bracket which has started to grime up because I cycle mostly on gravel/muddy trails.

I don't actually know what the spec is on the bottom bracket but I don't think it is considered to be a sealed one. Having looked at the current Day01 bike on the Genesis web site it looks like it is a "TH Industries BB-7420ST Cartridge 68x110mm".

Can anyone confirm what the spec is and suggest a good sealed or other type of upgrade that would fit the bike? Should I look at a full chainset/bracket/crank? Or is it easy to get a simple upgraded bottom bracket that will use all the current cranks etc I have on the bike?