Does anyone use ultra reflective stickers on their bike ?

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I personally don't like the light reflectors so took them off the bike but have them on the pedals and rear light/front light.
My question is, do any of you use ultra reflective stickers instead of reflectors that come with the bike ?
I tried some out last night and they are definitely a match,if not better than the original bulky units that come with the bikes.
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  • iPete
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    The black or white 3M sheets are really good. Without the flash you barely see them [black tape version].
  • pipipi
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    I have put a whole bunch of these on my spokes ... wo=&hvqmt=

    I have this on my helmet

    and I used this sheet on my bike

    With the spoke reflectors I figure it gives me the largest area to reflect. I'm not sure how often I would be lit from the side though. But they do go (nearly) all the way round so reflect from front/rear.
    With the helmet I think it makes me look a bit more like Police. And if it makes someone look twice to check I'm not Police then they have still looked twice. Plus it's a big surface from all angles.
    The pre-cut sheet was great. A few on the forks and stays, trying to wrap them round so they that reflect from front/rear as well as from the side. they even had a few round ones that fitted perfectly on my handlebar bar-ends.

    It's always a nice feeling putting my bike away in the shed, and looking back at it with a headtorch and seeing all the bits light up...
  • TommyEss
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    Been looking at the black 3M tape for the winter bike, particularly for the rear of the mudguards. I've also got theseContinental Reflex tyres on, which are very effective, though I wish they'd put this sidewall on all tyres to be honest! (Tends to be prevalent on touring-type tyres, 32C+) These are a 25C so perfectly fine for most road bikes, and no dramas at all on the winter bike, only the GP4000 is a pretty expensive tyre for winter, and although the p******* resistance has been fine, they do cut up more readily than I'd like.
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  • cougie
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    My winter bike has 3M reflective tape all over it - the mudguards are brilliant for visibility. I've gone for the white as its much brighter than the black. Its just a hack bike so I've no problem with taping the frame too.

    I've got some black tape on my other bikes - back of the seatpost to mark height and back of the pedals - you can't see it until you take a flash pic.

    I've never had 'proper' reflectors on the bike.
  • bigpikle
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    I put the black reflector tape on the mudguards on my winter bike, as they were black anyway so the tape doesnt look too bad. I dont commute and dont deliberately ride in the dark, so it just adds a little extra insurance to supplement the lights.

    If I commuted then I'd use it all over the place and those spoke reflectors look quite effective.
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  • Giraffoto
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    I have loads of the stuff - Moglo helmet stickers on the helmets and strips of black or rec tape (colour coded to the bike, of course) on the frame. Moglo also offer a strip that you can put all round the rim of a 26" disk-braked wheel, which could be fiddly
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  • Bar Shaker
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    Pedal cranks are another good position for reflective tape. On the front and back edge is best as they then appear to flash on and off with your pedalling.
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  • slowbike
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    TBH, IMHO unless you intend to ride in the dark there isn't much point in putting on reflective stickers.

    Your body is a much larger visible area and you can dress appropriately there too ..

    For commuting I use a reflective tape on the rear mudguard. I don't worry about sideways vis as it's country roads I ride along - no real junctions to worry about.
  • diy
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    Its very rare that I don't run with a tail light. Always good to have something that catches the eye. On the subject of looking like plod, having ridden full high viz police spec pans and beemers you'll be amazed how blind people are.
  • redvee
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    I've got black reflective tape on the rear guard on both bikes with the SS having splashes of it elsewhere on the black bits of the frame and forks. Lidl spoke reflectors adorn the front wheel and will be added to the rear over the weekend. The top tube has five reflective bands on it, two of which have the metal removed and are zip tied in place and 2 I wear home every night.
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