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Hi I'm looking to start road cycling I did a bit of cycling last year only 12 miles a couple of times a week on a mountain bike. I am looking though to do more and looking at my first bike.
I don't have loads to spend and there are not many LBS around me (Inverness) Budget was £500 but could potentially push to just over £600. Options seem to be Defy 5 £499 , Defy 4 £599, Scott speedster 60 £499, Merida 75 £449, Merida 77 £499 Merida 85 £599. OR a halfords offering.

Any advice appreciated.


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    Have you thought about something lightly used? It's often a good way to make you cash go further, although I can understand buying from new offers reassurance.

    Another option would be to wait it out a while, save and add like £400-500 to your budget which will move you up a level in spec so you could get something like this: ... _road_bike

    If you know you're going to commit to road cycling a bike in this category would make a better starter.
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    My uncertainty over used is not knowing what i am buying. I have no idea what components are better than others.
    I have just been given a bit of money as a gift and if i don't spend it now on a bike bits of it will disappear and although i think i will continue to ride i am sure there have been plenty of others that thought so and have ended up selling their first bikes.
    Part of my uncertainty is not being sure what size bike to get as i'm 5ft 10.5 but have short legs. I take a 29" trouser.