Focus Izalco paintjob issue

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I received my Focus Izalco Pro 3.0 2013 a few days ago but a noticed the below in a the places where it says "FOCUS". Are those messed up grey background letters normal? My dealer says they are, I've contacted Focus but I still can't get a straight answer. Does anyone have this bike too to check if it's the same in his bike too?



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    Just showed this to my mate that has just bought the same bike
    He said his was exactly the same and was like it on all the website pics he's seen
    So nothing to worry about I reckon, although I agree, it does seem a bit odd
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    Here we go again....speedking....wiggle....
  • Sprool
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    strange font placement, not easy to focus on.
    You see what I did there? :D
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    Focus do seem prone to this - there is another thread on here by someone whose Focus was labelled OCUS on the head tube! It's probably safe to assume that life in the Focus paint shops isn't very interesting so all the staff are on crack.
    Faster than a tent.......
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    Typography follows a fashion, look at type and layout from ten years ago you will see this overlayed type style used everywhere, eventually it has ended up on your bike. It's graphic design's 'grunge' period.

    If it's easy to read, why would you want to read it, if it's hard to read it makes it more interesting - is the philosophy.

    http://visualaddicted.files.wordpress.c ... carson.gif

    you probably only wanted to know that it is not a mistake rather than a trip into the philosophic world of typographic design :D
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