buying second hand..

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I've been watching the classified for bits and bobs and it amazes me how people buy stuff without checking out its real value. Obviously its worth what people will pay but..

A Lidl bike stand - sold 3rd hand for 1p more than retail price.
2011 and 2012 Bikes and parts listed used at prices above what they sell for in retailers with full warranty. Lots of on-line seller sell last years bikes and kit at much lower prices - 30-50% discount is common. Just because you paid £1,800 last August does not make it worth £1,300 now.

second hand underwear..
We also know that most people ride commando in Bibs, yet people are buying/selling used bibs in classified - that is like buying second hand underwear?

In the General forum people do 3-5,000+ miles a year on their bikes, but the bike magically drops to 200-300 miles in 3 years when it gets listed in classified.

the sum of the parts...
I value my bike new at the sum of the parts and then knock off 20-40% because its second hand. Well that is about the difference in price between buying a bike and building one in parts anyway.

brand new...
We all buy stuff, brand new and then shelve it because we don't need it. But it has no warranty when we sell it on and that means 10% less than retail is probably not a good deal, if that something really needs the benefit of a warranty.

just random ranting, but I find it funny what people pay and buy ;)


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    and the market will find its own price - priced wrong it won't sell. Simple.

    And for the shorts - Halo wash, job done. A random snog in a club is likely to be far higher risk of nastiness.