105 shifter resurrected

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well i brought a pair of 105 shifters with only the right one working( i new this when i brought them cheap)
right there as got to be a way of repairing them
the left one would not index so i striped it down to take a look bits of plastic that are used to index were broken
looked on web for a diagram or parts list but found very little to help so set about it with some aliminium and a dremel
3 hrs later and it now indexes and releases as it should i will put it on to the bike tomorrow and give it a proper test to
see if it works fingers crossed
its so simple to repair every one will be mending them instead of throwing a decent sent of shifters away


  • VTech
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    You need to make a blog or something with images on how you did it so others can benefit :)
    Well done on working it out.
    Living MY dream.
  • andrewpeter
    andrewpeter Posts: 23
    I will put a step by step giude on the forum if it works
  • buckmulligan
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    Nice! Like most things, when you strip them down they look remarkably simple inside. I've never tried a Shimano shifter (I know they're notorious for being 'unserviceable') but took apart my mates' campag xenon one and there's nothing to them. Still couldn't find anywhere to buy the spare plastic ratchet though.

    As above, make a guide for it!