Not very free freewheel?

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While investigating an annoying click I've been getting with each revolution of my rear wheel when either freewheeling or pedalling (and only while I am riding, thus when the bike is under load), I discovered that my rear wheel begins to slow quite quickly once lifted from the ground and spun (nothing noticeably rubbing). Equally, if I then rotate the crank in a backwards motion it slows the spinning wheel even quicker. This can't be right, can it? Any advice on what be going wrong?



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    Your freewheel contains a bearing that allows it to spin , and a ratchet that makes it only spin in one direction.

    You shouldn't expect too much friction when freewheeling, so perhaps the bearing is worn? You can replace the whole freehub.
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    Do you want to pop over and we can have a look?
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    Cheers you two!

    That might be a good idea Ugo. I'll be in touch.
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    Hmm, I feel a bit of a pillock now, but when I got home tonight I discovered my rear mudguard was rubbing. I sorted it out, spun the wheel and it would still be rotating now if I hadn't stopped it :oops: